We are a chiropractic center in Barcelona, innovative and professional that seeks to provide effective and efficient solutions to improve your wellness. With the help of new and technological tools we will give in your life an extra plus that boosts your day

A unique center

We are convinced that each patient has their own history, that is why we invite you to know our facilities and discover from our hand how to enhance your life and be aware of the importance of taking care of your spine.

Promote chiropractic and quality
of life.

Promote chiropractic and quality of life to help you to reach your goals and quality of life

A unique centre in Barcelona


Through his experience with several experienced chiropractors, Christian has developed a specific and holistic protocol that works to rebalance the body as a whole through a blend of traditional Western and Asian techniques, chiropractic adjusting techniques and precise and effective points.

HORN Christian

Diploma from the University of Chiropractic, IFEC (Institut Franco-Européen de Chiropractique) PARIS in 2013.

Diploma from the ECU, the European Union of Chiropractors in 2013.

Member of the AEQ, Spanish Association of Chiropractic, no. 1438

Member of l’APETN_COFENAT, Association of Natural Therapies Professionals

Graduated from the European Franco Institute of Chiropractic in Paris, IFEC, Christian has more than six years of experience in France and Spain. He has worked with chiropractors from different parts of the world such as London, Luxembourg, Cambodia, among others. During his experience he has dedicated time associations for childcare and has also treated high-level athletes and diplomats.
Christian Horn, is passionate about wellness and constantly seeks to liven up a healthy life. He likes to inspire his patients to reach their fullness.

Elena Ruano

Chiropractic assistant.

My discovery of Chiropractic was eleven years ago when I started working in other centers in Barcelona. The work of assistant made me see that this profession goes beyond the healing or improvement of any pain (something that of course is very important), but there is something beyond, it is very rewarding to be able to make people know and make understand all the benefits of Chiropractic and it can contribute to helping you in your life and it is much more rewarding when you see patients with a smile and tell you that they have improved





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